• K-16 Career Development Programming and STEM Consulting 
  • Career Development Facilitator (CDF) Certification for educators and workforce development professionals.


Education and Workforce Development Career Facilitators
Education and Workforce Development Career Facilitators


Focused on Career-Development Practices Leading to Solid Post-secondary Choices and Long-Term Satisfying Employment for clients and students.


When career and academic professionals help students and clients connect self-awareness with their career future, motivation in everything increases! We'll show you how.
The demand to help all age groups with career development continues to grow. Our programs help you become more efficient in meeting the these demands.


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Presentation group after presenting information on an assignment.

CDF Students having fun with something learned from their colleague - adding interest to group sessions.

CDF Students in one of our small groups sharing their "Favorite Career Theorist"



Kristen Garceau, Career Resource Connection, 269-657-2123, kgarceau@CDFtrainer.com

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