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Author of the following publications

Featuring 31 businesses and over 600 job titles
Featuring 31 businesses and over 600 job titles


• Career Rocket Playing Cards for grades 3-16, featuring 31 businesses and over 600 job titles.
• New Media Curriculum; Ingham Intermediate School District, Lansing, MI. Developed a year-long program for the study of journalism, audio, video, and website design linked with career explorations in all units of study for CTE students.
• Lansing Area Manufacturing Partnership (LAMP) Curriculum; Ingham Intermediate School District, Lansing, MI. Co-developed year-long program that links academic study with career exploration and career skills for Career and Technical Education (CTE) students.
• Job Jabber Curriculum Manuals: Teacher guides for career integrated classroom activities that integrate academic standards with applied learning in Manufacturing, Health Care, Travel and Construction. 

• The Common Language of Business and Education: A publication for mutual understanding 

• Launching CAREERS; workbook for career development. Student workbook - more information in the Store at

• Student Career News – Monthly publication for students; Genesee County (Greater Flint), Michigan

• Strengthening Employability Skills Training Manual for Capital Area Michigan Works, Lansing, MI.
• Creating Academic Relevance with Students; publication for teachers.
• Educational Development Plan instructional packet for educators.
• Development of all printed information and content for career development website including writing and editing all content for Student, Educator and Parent sections.
• Curriculum development for online career-development course; teach online course for Michigan Virtual University.
• Careers by Choice, not by Chance: Career Options for Michigan Youth.
• Focus on Your Future: 36 weekly full-page features titled Career Connections publications in the Lansing State Journal 2000-2001. 

• Career Connections Action Updates; twice-monthly newsletter sent to all school districts and business partners involved in career development programs in the Lansing Tri-County area. 1999-2000.
• It’s Elementary, Introducing Michigan’s Career Pathways; curriculum for teachers of elementary students. Part 1 for K-2 students, Part 2 for students in grades 3-5. (out of print)
• Exploring Michigan’s Career Pathways, A student activity workbook for middle school students. (out of print)
• Pathways to Your Future. Curriculum activities, exploration of careers, planning for high school and beyond. Student workbook and instructor’s guide. (out of print)
• Adult Pathways to Employment; Helping adults link interests and abilities with career pathways and careers. Workbook and facilitators’ guide. (out of print)
• Employability Skills Posters for classroom use.
• Career Master Challenge; computer game for students.
• Career Integration News – Bi-monthly publication for teachers of STEM subjects; Genesee  County (Greater Flint), Michigan
• Building Your Own Future; a student career planning manual.
• Opening Doors to Your Future: A life and career-transition program for retirees.
• Career Development Makes a Difference. Teacher and student career planning manuals.