Specialist in Career Development Programs 


A consultant for Intermediate School Districts and CTE Programs for 19 years, see below for samples of past work.



I connect career education with elements across the K-12 and college systems, educational clients choose from the following options:


  • Design, promote, recruit participants to facilitate standards-focused professional development experiences for teachers centered on career relevance.
  • Work with CareerCruising.com and other career-development websites to help teachers and counselors connect learning to career pathways and the needs and interests of the learners.
  • Work with teachers (including special education) and counselors to develop meaningful units and lesson plans that integrate students’ EDPs, STEM, Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards “practices.”
  • Deliver presentations and speeches at conferences and meetings on the benefits and methods for project-based learning, authentic assessment and creating meaningful classroom experiences for students.


  • Develop partnerships between K-12 educators, higher education and area businesses.
  • Manage records and contact database to communicate with business leaders, college administrators, superintendents, principals, professors, teachers and students.

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Other Topics

  • Academic Integration                   
  • Career Awareness and Assessment
  • Career Clusters/Career Pathways                  
  • Career Development Strategies
  • Recruiting for Career and Technical Education (CTE) Programs                  
  • Curriculum Development Initiatives including High School Redesign
  • Developing Early and Middle College Programs
  • Educational Development Plans (EDPs)/Portfolios                  
  • Understanding Labor Market Trends and Emerging Occupations                  
  • Multiculturalism and Diversity Appreciation
  • Helping students find relevance in High School Requirements                  
  • Connecting Programs of Study between Secondary/Postsecondary 
  • Understanding Connections Between Skills and Academic Learning Assessments                  
  • Developing Student Interest in Alternative Energy, Green Jobs, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)

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