Math teachers discover ways to connect relevant learning and develop lessons that connect with Standardized Assessments.
State-Level Assessments

Implementing the "Practices" for Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards


Don’t change WHAT you teach, and don't change your lessons. We'll show you how to add elements that meet the needs of Smarter-Balanced and the 2015 Michigan State-level assessment.




2015 Michigan State-level assessments or

Smarter-Balanced Assessments for other states:

  • Requires completion of a project challenge or Performance Task - project-based learning.
  • Integrate knowledge and skills across multiple claims.
  • Measure capacities such as depth of understanding, research skills and/or complex analysis with relevant evidence.
  • Require student-initiated planning, management of information /data and ideas
  • Interaction with other materials – Reflect a real-world task and/or scenario-based problem.

These are all elements that I've been working with teachers for 20 years. It sounds difficult, but it isn't. Call me to talk about your professional development goals.


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