Increasing Student Motivation


Elementary, Middle and High Schools

Teachers from 21 Flint-area Schools
Teachers from 21 Flint-area Schools learned how to increase student motivation with ease.


Everyone touching the career-planning model. Career-related activities are easy to do for all classroom teachers, some approaches take as little as 5 minutes!


  • Create a painless transition to career-aware education!


Using the Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards “Practices” academic teachers learn how to easily create academic projects for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) and EDP Relevance.


If your school wants to motivate students by connecting with their interests, we can show you how in simple ways! Your staff will identify a unit, and have time to develop a career-relevant, engaging and/or differentiated lesson! Motivating students with career relevance is the driver of this simple addition to teaching practice or “pedagogy.”

Methods for retaining existing lesson-plan structures will be demonstrated.


Helping students with school relevance: When am I ever going to use this?



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