Teachers from across Genesee County (greater Flint) 

State-level assessments ask us to think about teaching and learning differently.


New skills are required that mirror the real-world use of math, science, and language arts. Evolving curriculum to include these elements is not difficult. Once discovered, learning becomes more interesting, relevant and motivational for students. (SCECHs available)


Students need to understand what they CAN be, before they must choose what they WANT to be!


1) Differentiated Instruction Enhances Student Motivation and Learning


Simple ways to evolve existing lessons

Create “Performance Tasks.” for existing lessons and units of study,

Discover how career and STEM connections are an easy addition.

At this workshop, teachers have time to develop ideas toward relevance.


Don't YOU want relevance when you learn? SO. DO. STUDENTS.


2) Creating Relevant Activities using the "Practices" (English, Math)

“8 Math Practices” and “ELA Capacities” mandated by the State Standards

Using existing units of study, teachers experience simple ways to create career and STEM  relevant "Performance Tasks" (Michigan State Assessment language)  for their students.

Teacherswork with the concepts and have TIME to develop ideas - used immediately in their classrooms. We explore and generate ideas, and evolve the existing lessons. The course also includes an overview on how to create performance tasks that connect with careers.

3) Do you offer Relevant Performance Tasks for Next Generation Science Standards?

We work with the “Science and Engineering Practices” mandated by the Next Generation Science Standards. Using existing units of study, teachers find simple ways to evolve lessons to create career and STEM- relevant "Performance Tasks" (Michigan State Assessment language) . Our goal is to give teachers time to plan a lesson that can be used immediately in their classrooms. Teachers day, "I can at least do  that!" It's easy! Teachers are given TIME to explore and generate ideas. Existing lessons evolve. How can teachers create performance tasks that connect with careers?