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Great for Summer School, and After-school Activities!


Includes Activities, Lessons and Handouts

Students create their own businesses and make products while they learn about a wide range of careers in all aspects of businesses and organizations.

Matrixed to strong math and social studies, language arts and science connections to standards! Units meet the needs State-level Standards and Performance Indicators.


Allow students to apply 21st Century Skills as they create all the elements needed for business! Four units appropriate for grades 2 - 8.


Each project culminates in a final event:

*Manufacturing - they develop a product and sell to others in school (real money)

*Construction - they design buildings and "sell" them to customers (checkbooks)

*Health Care - they take on the role of workers and open for business

*Travel - they study a part of the world, develop sales brochures and sell travel packages (play money)

For each project, there are steps that students must accomplish to prepare for the final event. These steps include things related to management, financials, sales/communication, technical/production. They all have customers come in from other classrooms to participate.

Basically you get a book with the teaching instructions and handouts that you can copy for the number of your students.

Construction Fair - $39.99
Construction Fair
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Price includes S/H. Grades 3 - 8. Students design and construct scale models of buildings. They "sell" their buildings to prospective contractors who use checking accounts. Great for summer programs!
Manufacturing Week - $39.99
Manufacturing Week
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Price includes S/H - Students create their own businesses and develop products for sale to others. Strong math, social studies and Language Arts connections to state standards.
Health Care World - $39.99
Health Care World
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Price includes S/H for teaching manual. Students learn all aspects of health care as they become health care workers using ELA, Science and Math. Then they participate in the Health Care World game.