Youth Classes
Career and College Planning Class for Youth Grades 8 - 12

Many students begin college and then change majors several times. Save your high school student frustration and money by beginning career and college exploration today!
Students begin to discover what they CAN be before they must choose what they want to be!

In this course, students will
• Take online assessments to help with self knowledge.
• Connect career and college options with self knowledge, work values and interests.
• Research career and college options and discover financial aid information.
• Understand how all businesses are organized.
• Understand how to continually develop effective goals for future plans.
Student Comments: “A lot of useful information was given. I liked the fact that I learned more about myself, and I was encouraged and motivated to find a career that I want.”

Parent Connections:
Activity Ideas sent home every day that help parents connect careers with academic subjects, make the most of field trips and discover career options for student interests.











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