Comments from the Course Evaluations

(These comments are from a course held recently.)


  • Thank you so much for a great course - I look forward to recommending it to my agency's training team for future staff to attend.
  • I picked up your passion for the CDF training. I loved the way you ran this class/training.
  • Will be able to take what we have learned and use it here at Michigan Works along with coaching or working with the community
  • I gained three important things from this class that I will carry with me for the entirety of my high school counseling career.  First, a new insight and expertise into the practice of Career Counseling.  The second is a newfound confidence to work with students and families seeking my support in this area.  And lastly, that I have the ability to make a difference in my school and my district to improve our CDF services as well as the importance being placed upon it.
  • You were very helpful when questions came up and had the assignments well organized to make sure everything was done.
  • I appreciate how you motivated us every step of the way. Thanks so much for your support and understanding.
  • The class was so worth it with an encouraging instructor like Kristen.


How will you use the knowledge you’ve gained in this course?

  • Knowing all of these things helps me connect with clients and pinpoint their interests/needs and how to help them overcome barriers. 
  • The information I’ve learned will help me be a better case manager. I now have the tools to get more useful information from my clients when meeting with them.
  • I will be able to provide more coaching assistance so my clients will leave feeling helped.
  • Helps clients take a real look at their circumstances and help me help them get started toward reaching their goal.
  • I will use the knowledge I gained to best assist my job seekers in a more effective way.
  • These concepts will most certainly help me to get to know and understand my clients better which in the long road,help them get to their goals.
  • I can apply all nine chapters to what I do.
  • By assisting my job seekers and sharing my information with my co-workers to keep them informed. I am able to assist their job seekers as well.
  • I will implement a standard Action Plan form. Now that's a "must have."



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