Building Your Career Advising Toolbox

Spring dates to be determined.


What resources can you use when a client is undecided about the career and educational options to choose? How can you work through a process of career development that allows clients to combine self-awareness and option-awareness before they decide and plan?


Course Topics include:

  • Using both formal and informal assessments to get thinking started.
  • Understanding how a variety of educational options are available for any given job title.
  • How to know which educational level is the right choice.
  • Making decisions on industry "career cluster" options.
  • Understanding the job market and how to get started in an industry.
  • Understanding "Career Mobility" and what that means.

Clients become confident in their options and move forward toward job titles and change in the world of work. Career Coaches become more confident and efficient in their work.


Comments from a recent participant:


"I really liked learning more in depth the tools for my toolbox, the booklet that you provided, the idea of career cards, etc. All of these feel like tangible examples that we can take and utilize in our future. I liked the fact that most of the exercises that we did are things that we can use in a career course, workshop, or in our office with an exploring student."   Career Advisor, Grand Rapids Community College.