Developing your program to teach "Nonlinear Career Mobility"

We teach students to pick job titles and we call that a career decision!


Students think that their educational choices after high school dictate their movements in job titles. If they don't get the job title they thought they would, do they need to go back to school? If they decide they don't want that job title anymore but they haven't finished their education, do they quit and start over?


How can students work toward a career they will love when the need to get hired and pay the bills is also part of the equation?


This program will show you how to develop the mindset of "Career Mobility" and includes resources that are used systemically to show them that they are already developing necessary skills in school before they graduate.


How can we take students' stress off the "big decision" by making career development systemic and focused on the businesses in your area?  


10 SCECH credits