Working with Curriculum and Academic Teachers: Differentiate your instruction and provide Multi-tiered Systems of Support.


This training focuses on getting everyone involved with career development.  


Teachers don't have TIME to give up in their classrooms for career development. Time is already taken out for stand-alone career activities such as taking assessments, exploring job titles and loading portfolio materials to online platforms.


  • How can students learn about job titles related to academic studies throughout their education without taking yet another class period or more to do this?
  • Discover how career and STEM connections are an easy addition.


Research proves that they also remember more with relevant, interactive lessons.


Kristen Garceau has spent her career working with K-16 educators to evolve their practices beginning with ten minutes once a semester and developing project-based learning experiences without changing how they teach a particular unit of study!


This professional development option will cover

  • what can be done build true relevance for students into every content area in your school.
  • how to connect with state-level curriculum for meaningful conversations with administrators, teachers and curriculum directors
  • Research on how increased relevance and interactive projects improve test scores
  • Simple methods for accomplishing these goals where every teacher will be inspired to say, "I can do that much."


The barrier of TIME is removed with these simple-to-implement evolutionary approaches that start with simple connections and evolve to interactive activities and projects in all classrooms.