Comments from teachers attending my workshop: 




Title: Creating Career Relevance in Math

What did you like about this program?     

Lots of useful information
Everything Kristen is great!

It gave me extra ideas to incorporate careers in my classroom.
Good examples and helpful materials, discussion on relevancy
How to make activities relevant
Opportunity to work on computer, importance of relevance in tasks, connecting to careers.
Work Time
We were able to work on something to use in our classroom.
Ideas of others gave me ideas.
I liked all of the resources we received, and the time we had to explore them on our own.
Many resources that I’ve never encountered before.

Performance Tasks
Basics of Performance Tasks
We actually got time to find and create performance tasks.
Finding new websites to help design performance tasks.

Title: Kettering Field Study: Projects, Practices and Performance Tasks
What did you like about this program?     

We kept moving, we saw the labs and experienced part of it, most demos used accessible items.
I loved that it got us excited about teaching again and gave us new ideas to go back and use.
Very interesting and full of information.
Getting out of the classroom and actually experiencing science at the college level.
I liked seeing how the science curriculum is continued beyond the middle school setting.
The pace and content provided was excellent.
Reminder of how science is a basic skill we all naturally possess and use in daily life. Science skills are general life skills.
Talking with the profs/techs from Kettering. We hear from teaching theory people too often.
Touring Kettering, presentations by professors.

The career connections that were brought to light.
The list of skills to see what matches to math.
Connections between academics and career and communication. Reinforcing lab activities in science.
Talking with Kettering students about experiences

Great look at how students are affected by our instruction. Hands on projects and good ideas.

Love the chance to see and talk to actual engineers and students.
Showing the tools that are available to students.
Presenters were excellent including student panelists.

The hands-on approach to the labs and real-world applications.
The hands-on activities and information based on student-centered learning was extremely helpful.
Seeing real world application of science and math comments.
I love all the hands-on applications we experienced!

Seeing the labs and learning what the kids actually have to be prepared to do for college.
Seeing the technology used that we can use/make ourselves
Great explanations of what “real engineers” do.
Seeing many different facets of Kettering. Using some of what Kettering does to connect middle school content to PBL/ and real life assessment.


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